Getting Started

What is MythX?

MythX is a security analysis API for Ethereum Smart Contracts. It detects many common vulnerabilities in Solidity code and EVM bytecode. Anyone can use MythX to build purpose-built Ethereum security tools.

Smart contract developers use MythX tools, such as Truffle plugins, IDE extensions and CI scripts, which are easy to install and work out-of-the-box.

For more information, announcements and support, consider joining the MythX Discord server.

Obtaining API Credentials

A user account is required top use the MythX API. To get your free account, you have to visit the the MythX website with a web3-enabled browser. Need a step-by-step guide? Continue reading!


The sign-up process starts by clicking the “Login with Metamask” button on the MythX website.


On first login you’ll be asked to set up an API password. You Ethereum address and API password later serve as credentials for accessing the API:

  • Username: Your Ethereum address
  • Password: Chosen by the user on first sign-up

Once the password is set you should be redirected to a plans page. Only the free plan is available during the beta.

MythX Community Discord

To communicate with our community and contributors more efficiently, we have set up a Discord server. This allows us to separate discussion topics into channels, keep things on-topic and quickly give support in case problems occur. Interested in speeding up your communication with us, whether it’s about questions, support or contributions? Check out the invite link and get typing! We are also using Discord to make regular announcements on improvements regarding MythX and the tools we are actively developing around it.

Contributing to this Document

We are hosting this developer guide in a public Github repository. Found a typo? Decided to write a major section about your favourite part of our stack? Submit your own MythX-enabled tool? Simply fork the repository and open up a pull request for us. Want to make your reviewer smile? Check out the contribution guidelines and try to stick to them. They’re short and simple, promise!