Ramuh - MythX Desktop Notifications

Ramuh brings the power of the MythX Platform API to your desktop.

It watches directories for changes on smart contract files, sends data to MythX security analysis platform and shows relevant security issues found on your code as desktop notifications.

Installation and Usage

First, install ramuh package: .. code-block:: console

$ npm i -g ramuh

For using ramuh you need MythX platform credential, either as an API key or as a ETH address and password pair. Ramuh expects these values to be set as the environment variables MYTHX_API_KEY or MYTHX_ETH_ADDRESS and MYTHX_PASSWORD. Then, start it indicating MythX platform access credentials and the directory to watch: .. code-block:: console

$ ramuh -contractspath /path/to/contracts

From this point, when you change *.sol files in /path/to/contracts, an analysis request is sent to the MythX API endpoint. If any security issue is detected, it will be shown to you as a desktop notification.

This video shows how all this works: