Python Library

PythX is a Python library for the MythX API.

Its goal is to facilitate development of use cases that go beyond bare API interaction by making it easy for developers to hook into high-level interfaces. When writing a complex tool around MythX you shouldn’t have to worry about refreshing your JWT tokens regularly or basic consistency checking of your requests. PythX takes these tedious tasks away from you - unless you explicitly tell it not to.


PythX runs on Python 3.5+.

To get started, simply run

$ pip3 install pythx


from pythx import Client

# login as free trial user
c = Client(eth_address="0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000", password="trial")

# submit bytecode, source files, their AST and more!
resp = c.analyze(bytecode="0xfe")

# wait for the analysis to finish
while not c.analysis_ready(resp.uuid):

# have all your security report data at your fingertips
for issue in
    print(issue.swc_title or "Undefined", "-", issue.description_short)

# Output:
# Assert Violation - A reachable exception has been detected.
# Undefined - MythX API trial mode.

Check out the repository, read through our documentation, and hit us up on Discord if you have any issues, feedback, or just want to say hello. :)