Golang Library

Shard is a lightweight Golang CLI for MythX. It serves as a reference implementation.

Installation (unstable)

$ snap install --devmode --edge shard


You can put a config file in $HOME/.config/.shard.yaml containing your API key. shard.yaml contains:

api-key: <put your api key here>

This way you don’t have to put it in the CLI every time. Alternatively shard also looks in the current directory for a configuration file if it can’t find one in the aforementioned directory.

Using Shard

As any with any tool, the help command can be very useful

$ shard
Shard is a MythX light client

shard [command]

Available Commands:
analyze     Analyzes the contract
help        Help about any command
version     Print the version number of Shard

-k, --api-key string   The api key to authenticate with. Overrides config value.
    --config string    config file (default is $HOME/.config/.shard.yaml)
-h, --help             help for shard
-v, --verbose          Enable verbose logging.

Use "shard [command] --help" for more information about a command.

To analyze a contract execute:

$ shard analyze 0x606b...