MythX CLI Guide: Installation & Usage


See the MythX CLI documentation for full details on usage.

The MythX CLI Python package aims to provide a simple to use command line interface for the MythX API. It’s main purpose is to demonstrate how advanced features can be implemented using the PythX Python language bindings for MythX to simplify API interaction.


$ mythx
Usage: mythx [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Your CLI for interacting with

  --debug / --no-debug            Provide additional debug output
  --access-token TEXT             Your access token generated from the MythX
  --eth-address TEXT              Your MythX account's Ethereum address
  --password TEXT                 Your MythX account's password as set in the
  --format [simple|json|json-pretty]
                                  The format to display the results in
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

  analyze  Analyze the given directory or arguments with MythX.
  list     Get a list of submitted analyses.
  report   Fetch the report for a single or multiple job UUIDs.
  status   Get the status of an already submitted analysis.
  version  Display API version information.


The MythX CLI runs on Python 3.6+, including 3.8-dev and pypy.

To get started, run:

$ pip install mythx-cli

Advanced usage

For in-depth details on how to use the MythX CLI, alternative ways to install it, as well as helpful documentation about authentication, analyzing complex projects and more, head over to the MythX CLI documentation.

The MythX CLI project is MIT-licensed and contributions are always welcome! For more information on how to get involved, check out our Contribution guidelines.