Getting Started
Create a MythX account, link your Ethereum address, and generate API keys

Creating an account

To use MythX, you need to create an account.
Go to and click the Sign Up button on the top right.
Fill out the registration form. You will need to supply a valid email address.
Click Continue and you will be able to choose a plan right away:
Once you have selected a plan or skipped the process for now, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Congratulations! You're now ready to start analysing.

Connecting Metamask

Whether it is for DAI payments, or a generally faster login experience, we recommend that you link your Ethereum address with your MythX account. In this example we are using Metamask. Under the Profile section, click the link shown below.
Metamask will request a signature from your current address. Sign the request to continue the process.
And that's already it! Your Ethereum address is now linked with your MythX account.

Using your Account

MythX offers a range of paid plans. For information on plans and features, please see our Pricing page.
If using one of the MythX tools & integrations, you will need to link your account to the tool to take advantage of your account’s plan.
While the specifics of each tool differ, most tools will pick up your account information when stored in your system’s environment variable: MYTHX_API_KEY=<Your API key>
MythX uses an API key for authentication. This API key can be generated in your dashboard in the API Key tab on the left-hand side. Generate a new API key by entering your account's password:
On successful authentication, a new key is generated, which can be used for future authentication by API clients. It will only be shown once, and can be copied using the icon on the right of the truncated secret string. If the token is lost, a new one can be generated again by repeating the steps above.
This key can be passed to MythX tools as an environment variable MYTHX_API_KEY.
  • Linux / macOS:
export MYTHX_API_KEY='put your API key here!'
  • Windows:
set MYTHX_API_KEY='put your API key here!'
Some older tools are able to use Ethereum address and password for authentication. Please note that this is considered deprecated.
Last modified 1yr ago