GitHub Badges
Using badges to signal the result of your latest analysis


MythX status badges show the results of the most recent analysis for a project. This status can be either passed or failed. We count an analysis run as "failed" if there is at least one high severity finding; otherwise, we classify it as "passed".
No severe vulnerabilities were found.
At least one severe vulnerability was found.
This GitHub badge is disabled.

Setting up a GitHub Badge

First navigate to the project that you want to get a github badge for.
Then click the share icon next to the badge, right underneath the name of the project.
Now set the toggle to enabled. This is necessary to allow external services (like GitHub) to get the status badge.
Enabling a GitHub badge allows anyone with the project ID to view the status of your project.
Finally, copy the markdown embed code and paste it in the for your git repository.
Last modified 1yr ago