MythX User and Developer Guide

MythX is a security analysis API for Ethereum smart contracts. It allows any developer or developer team to integrate advanced security analysis directly into development environments and build pipelines. It detects many common Solidity vulnerabilities and EVM bytecode vulnerabilities automatically.

MythX is integrated into popular developer tools you use today such as Truffle, Remix, and VS code. Plus, you can integrate MythX into your own security tools, apps, and existing blockchain services.

MythX has multiple target audiences:

  • Developers and dev teams who wish to verify smart contract security as part of their project workflow.
  • Tool creators and integrators who wish to build a new MythX tool or integrate the MythX API into their product or service.


While MythX is designed with Ethereum in mind, the service should be compatible with any chain that uses the EVM (such as VeChain and Tron). In most cases, you will just have to change a setting in your development environments to deploy to the different blockchain and then you can proceed to analyzing your contracts.

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Getting started with MythX security tools
Test out the service, sign up for an API key, and learn about the workflow.
MythX tools & integrations
All the current and evolving tools that can be used with MythX.
Building smart contract security tools using MythX
Information about the MythX API, for developers who wish to build their own tools or integrate MythX into their product or service.
MythX support
How to get support and engage with the MythX community.