Mythos Guide: Installation & Usage

Mythos helps you run scans right in your console, returning the output with source code mapping.

Install Mythos

You must have nodejs and npm installed on your system.

$ npm -g install @cleanunicorn/mythos


First of all you need to have an active account created on the MythX platform.

You need to specify your Ethereum address and the password that you generated on the platform.

I prefer to add them to the console as environment variables:

$ export MYTHX_ETH_ADDRESS='mythxEthAddress'
$ export MYTHX_PASSWORD='mythxPassword'

And then you can start the scan:

$ mythos analyze ./contract.sol Contract

But you can also specify them as flags --mythxEthAddress=mythxEthAddress and --mythxPassword=mythxPassword when running the tool.

Check the GitHub page and star the project, open an issue if you need more functionality or have some kind of problem.

It is a work in progress so any feedback is appreciated and your input will help shape the tool to fit your needs.